Meet Camp !Zoom!

We are a camp of makers, fire spinners, and good time havers. Zoom provides unique events, on & off playa, that promote fire, friendship, & fun. 


Zoom is a artist collective based primarily out of Fire and Lite Studios in East Oakland. We are known through out the Bay Area for many things. Fire art, fire performers, flow art lessons, eclectic DJs, LED kelp forest, and an adult sized playground are just a few of our yearly offerings. 

Zoom is currently composed of 35 members who donate time and energy throughout the year. By focusing our creative energy, we produce events and large scale art installations year round. Fostering personal creativity within our members is fundamental to our continued growth. We regularly host member guided classes and strongly believe anyone has the ability to do anything.  Zoom fully embraces the 10 principles of Burning Man.

Located on the corner of 7:30 and Esplanade (2015), we produced an RGB controlled kelp forest with go-go platforms, a public lounge, a 30 ft shade structure, and an interactive fire garden. As things heat up during the day, we provide classes to the masses that highlight our passion for flow and movement. After night falls we heat up, hosting activities such fire baseball and fire dodgeball.

Our campers will be enjoying a total camping experience:
Shaded camp areas, camp kitchen, shower, grey water removal, and a camp meal plan.


Now recruiting new 2016 members. For more information Contact Us