The giant wooden bunny that burns

Coming to the playa in 2020

Bunny Picture.jpg

Towering above the playa, about to hop, the bunny will be covered in fur made of reclaimed wood from palettes, fences and construction lumber. It will be sourced from local burner projects drawing on the community to assist in procurement. Burners will cycle around the sculpture and journey inside the bunny. Once inside they will ascend an elaborate ladder reaching into the brain of the hare. Burners will be able to gaze out on the playa through his eyes. At night the ears will light up the playa with his glowing leds and fuzzy body. Ears will not just stand on the open playa but will be included in our yearly interactive billion bunny march with hundreds of bunnies hopping around the sculpture to music on Thursday afternoon. Burners of the past will remember Bunny Jam, the vibrant celebrations, the blossoming of relationships, and love. Eventually Ears life will be sent off to angelic greatness in a spectacular night of fire dancing and a culmination of flame & pyrotechnics.

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